Parede entre o quarto de brincar e de dormir de dois irmãos
Porto, 2013


We're happy when a project can be described in one A4. Such was the case... well two.
Although the popular baby´s game wasn't the starting point for this one (the one where wooden prisms must be fit in slots with the same shape), the reference is inevitable: An equilateral triangle for the kids to walk through, a circle for the parents to watch, a perfect squared window for the kids to chat from each side and half a circle (like a mouse hole) to push toy cars through.
Despite all the dimensions imposed by the text books, reality, as always is much more complex and exciting. The same way a lego block can be pushed through a star-shaped slot, mum and dad have to cross the triangle (banging they're heads each time), kids can climb through the square window and can miraculously squeeze through the mouse hole.